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You will find what you're searching for

4 years ago on December 12th, 2014 I was about to go into a meeting with a modeling agency called Factor Women [Formerly known as Elite, now known as MP Management], which is one of the leading modeling agencies in the Midwest. Around the time I was currently represented by a boutique agency in Chicago with two other agencies interested in me as well, I didn't know which route to go but deep down I knew I desired Factor above them all. I remember calling Kevin, who was at the time just a friend, and I wanted him to pray for me against confusion, and that the Lord would just make things clear for me.

He instead shared this story with me:

Dominique. Imagine your friend Lisa having an absolutely beautiful watch that has been passed down to her family for many many generations, and she loses it in a barn. She quickly calls everyone to come help find this watch. Everyone is looking and looking and unable to locate this beautiful watch. 5 minutes goes past, 10 minutes, a half hour and then an hour and you're just off to the side watching not helping anyone look. Out of frustration Lisa runs up to you and begs for your help.

You calmly say "Sure" followed by "I am positive I can find your watch". She says "Oh really?! Find it then..." So you clear everyone out the barn. You're looking and looking, and within 5 minutes you come out of the barn with the watch in your hand. Lisa goes "WOW! I can't believe you found it!! Thank you so much, thank you thank you thank you!" she holds out her hand for this beautiful rose gold watch, but instead you tossed it across the field and it lands in a bush.

Lisa panics and angrily runs over to the bush to find it. She's looking and looking and looking all while yelling at you "Why would you do that?!"

As she's yelling at you and looking for her watch, you tell everyone to be as quiet as possible. You approach Lisa and say tell her to quiet down. You begin to look...and look...and look...and then right before her eyes again you found it. Lisa instantly takes it out your hand shocked and asks you "How did you find this so easily? We all searched for hours and couldn't find this watch. Tell me your secret".

You said "I found it by listening to the tick tock of the watch"

Moral of the story: When you sit quietly, and be patient, you will always find what it is you are searching for.

I went into that meeting with confidence believing wholeheartedly that the Lord will guide me. I did not worry, I did not fret. And upon walking out, two seconds before opening my car door I had an email from Factor saying "We would love to represent you and offer you an exclusive contract. Please review and return in once i'm ready!"

"You will seek me and find me when you seek with me with all of your heart"

Jeremiah 29:13

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