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Dominique ♥ Kevin

Our story

"It's amazing how one decision, one moment can change the course of your whole life! I know a couple that met at a sushi restaurant, he was the chef and she was with her friends, fell in love and are now married. I know a couple who met at Kmart, they fell in love and just got married in September of this year. Love happens when you aren't searching for it"

Kevin and I crossed paths randomly. A photographer [who happens to be a mutual friend that we both shot with on separate occasions] accidently text me Kevin's photos. Just like ANY friend, she goes "Well since you got his pictures, what do you think of him? He's Christian" I don't remember my exact words but I know at the time I was a few months into being single after a long term relationship and I was trying to focus on getting licensed as a Medical Lab Scientist so i'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of... "Girl plz". At the time I was already working as a Medical Lab Scientist but in order to move out of Gibson City, a license was required at larger hospitals, so getting that license was my main focus.  We, however, did become friends through social media. I remember being in New York during the first few weeks of us chatting over social media when he asked for my number. I reluctantly gave it to him but to my surprise a beautiful friendship was birthed *cues the DJ to play "it goes down in the DM's* 

We began texting A LOT A LOT. But what I will never forget is within a week of him realizing we were texting a bit too much he sent me a message stating his intentions with me that I still appreciate to this day. I wrote his exact words down in my journal. It said: "Here are my 5 intentions/things I hope to get from Miss Jordan in case you were wondering" 1. A true friendship: I'm tired of giving title of friend who aren't really a friend. 2. Sharpening: I want our conversations to challenge but in a good way. 3. To leave judgement at the door. 4. The feeling we can be silly when times calls for it. 5. For us to stay genuine: My favorite thing about you is I believe you are a genuine person. You seem to be a care free with no hidden motives. Let us both stay that way. From there, he remained just that... a friend.

Instead of getting in the way of my studying he would send me notes and quizzes that he made up. Would pray with me through my frustrations, and was just the perfect friend. It was super cute. I told him if I passed my exam as a Medical Lab Scientist on the first try, I wanted to go skydiving to celebrate! And after 3 long months of studying, I passed...and on the first first try! [Which was bananas because every Medical Lab Scientist I had spoken to about the exam told me it took them more than once to pass] And I was then on my way to meet Kevin in person for the very first time to jump out of a plane together to celebrate. 

Was it love at first sight? No. Did we flirt or go out to dinner afterwards? Nope!  We went our separate ways and continued our friendship. It wasn't until 4 months later when I found out he'd been fasting and seeking wise counsel about pursuing me the past month. I had NO clue. But to this day, I can't stress how much I appreciated him taking the time to sort through his feelings with wise counsel, instead of with me. 

It was December 25th, 2014 he messaged me and asked if I was awake. I told him yes and he called and immediately said "Dominique, I desire to pursue you and to deepen our friendship. Let me know what I should do about it?" My mouth was WIDE opened...I silently freaked out! If i'm being honest, as great as Kevin was of a friend, and as a genuine man of faith I was upset at the Lord. Not because of Kevin but because I really thought the Lord saw my joy in singleness, and was calling me to a life of singleness. And because of so many failed relationships in the past, I immediately thought if I got into a relationship with Kevin, it would be the same. But...despite how I felt, I never believed in giving a quick no or even a quick yes without consulting God first. So I took a week of fasting and prayer. Came back and was prepared to tell him...NO. It was nothing against him, just my own insecurities about relationships and honestly the joy I had in singleness I wasn't ready to let it go yet.

[so this is where the story gets JUICY...] 

Literally five minutes later, a DIFFERENT guy [let's call him Michael] called whom I haven't seen in maybe over ten years. He calls to tell me "Dominique, I believe the Lord is calling you to be my wife. Let's go to dinner to talk more about it". Yep, you read that correctly! I said okay so quickly because I was ready to let him know he had it ALL wrong...KINDLY of course :)

...Fast forward to a couple hours later, I am with Michael and he is sitting across the table from me telling me every single reason in the book why the Lord was calling me to be his wife. On and on and on he's going and going and going and then he stops and goes..." know what? let me stop." I pause and look at him. He says "I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to stop and tell you all the reasons you are READY to be a wife"  And out of his mouth came every single answer I talked to God about in my alone time fasting that I did not feel like he answered but he answered it through Michael's mouth. It was straight forward direct answers. And it was evident that the Lord was saying yes to Kevin. Despite my heavy desire of wanting to remain single. God made it known He desired marriage for me.  Michael dropped me off to my car and I called Kevin immediately and told him "Yes" 

I was satisfied in the Lord's response to me.

The last thing I wanted was for a relationship to take my focus off of God, Kevin pushed me closer to Him. I didn't want to have sex until marriage, Kevin initiated that we should wait until the altar to share even a kiss. We met for the first time in August 2014. Our courtship began January 1st, 2015. He proposed December 8th, 2015. And we were married September 2016 where we were able to keep the testimony of sharing our very first kiss with each other at the altar in front of 200 family and friends. It was hard, it took being very intentional, we were far from perfect, but the Lord kept us. And the Lord will keep anyone, as long as their desire is want to be kept ♥


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